Monday, March 31, 2014

Mondays, Mondays, Mondays....

Hi guys!

Well I had an absolutely terrible Monday, so I just wanted to share some of the things that I found online that made me smile and if you're having a terrible Monday, I hope they make you smile, too!

Then, I came home to my favorite little guy who was so excited to play!

I hope you guys have a good rest of the week! Until next time.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Intro: Welcome To My Blog!

Hello everybody!

I've been thinking about doing a blog for quite some time so now that I'm actually doing it I'm very nervous and excited and many more emotions. 

I'm working on saving money to buy a new camera so I can start making YouTube videos and taking better pictures so until then you'll just be getting text posts and crappy pictures from my iPhone.

Some posts I've been thinking about doing are:

  • Makeup Reviews
  • Ipsy Unboxings
  • Birchbox Unboxings
  • Favorites
  • Hauls
  • DIY
  • Get Ready With Me's
  • Album Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • What's In My Purse
  • Recipes

I will also be posting events that my pin-up group The Katfish Kittens will be attending so look forward to those!

If there are any other videos/ pictures/ text posts you would like to see, please feel free to let me know at anytime and I'll work on getting all of it together. 

I use mostly cruelty-free products and I'm always finding and researching more and more products that fit my needs. If you use or know of more products that will help me out or products that you love that I should be using, again, please let me know.

I would like this blog to appeal to more than just the female population, but since I am a woman, it will mostly be womanly things. 

I appreciate and am looking forward to your comments, likes, questions and concerns with my blog so please let me know what I am doing wrong or what you would like to see or what you liked about my posts. 

Until next time!